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Swim Test Protocol

The swim test of individuals participating at an aquatic facility is a key element in both aquatic safety and basic water safety standards. Swim tests should be performed annually to children under the age of 14 years old or 48 inches or less. A swim test is developed to demonstrate a skill level consistent with the circumstances in which a participant will be in the water without a parent or guardian at their side using “touch-supervision” or using proper USCG flotation device (life jacket). A swim test will demonstrate the minimum level of swimming ability for recreation activity in a confined body of water. “Touch-supervision” means that the supervising adult is constantly monitoring the swimmer and within immediate (arm’s length) reach of the swimmer. Watch Around Water is an organization that AMI is proud to have partnered with to help promote water safety awareness to reduce drownings or near drownings. A Swim Test is another practice to help promote water safety in and around water.

A lifeguard will administer the swim test. Swim tests will be given upon child’s arrival to facility or during safety breaks throughout the day at the lifeguards’ discretion. After the test is given, the lifeguard will record the result from the given test into a database. All staff at the aquatic facility will have access to this information.


Swimmer will have no swimming restrictions while using the aquatic facility.


Non-swimmer must have a parent/guardian with them in the water using “touch-supervision” at all times. According to the facilities rules & safety equipment, the non-swimmer should also wear an accredited USCG floatation device (life jacket) while at the aquatic facility.

Swim Test

swim test

Jump feet first into water over the head in depth, level-off and tread water for 60 seconds.

Swim Test 2

Jump feet first into water, level-off and swim 1 length of the pool in a strong manner using the following strokes. (Free-style or front crawl)


Aquatic Management has adopted the Swim Test Protocol to promote water safety at all aquatic facilities. The swim test program has five basic objectives.

swim test

To promote water safety and reduce drownings and near drownings at aquatic facilities.

swim test

To identify swimmers and non-swimmers at an aquatic facility.

Aquatic Management Vest

To promote and encourage learn to swim classes for self-preservation in children.

swim test

To promote aquatics recreation.

swim test

To conduct a safe aquatic facility program.